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AC/DC’s Phil Rudd no longer accused of trying to have someone killed

Rolling Stone reports that, a day after AC/DC’s Phil Rudd was arrested in New Zealand for allegedly “attempting to procure a murder,” the charge has been withdrawn. Greg Hollister-Jones, Crown Solicitor of Tauranga, New Zealand, cited “insufficient evidence” as the reason for dropping the accusation.

The AC/DC drummer will still be charged with threatening to kill two men who have yet to be identified, as well as possession of methamphetamine and cannabis. (Or, in the vernacular of AC/DC, one count of threatening to “Shoot To Thrill,” and two counts of possessing a “Whole Lotta Rosie.”) The lesser charge of murder threats still carries a maximum seven-year sentence.


For those about to rock, you will still be saluted: AC/DC has already released a statement saying that Rudd’s legal troubles will not affect the release of its 2015 album Rock Or Bust or upcoming tour.

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