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Illustration for article titled emAbraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter/ems Benjamin Walker to revisit accurate historical drama with HBOs Cold War series

Fresh from starring as America’s most emo president in Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson, and its most vampire-beheading president in Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, Benjamin Walker will star in another project ripped directly from the history pages, HBO’s The Missionary. You may remember that the pilot—conceived in 2010 by co-producers Mark Wahlberg and Malcolm Gladwell, in a meeting that was probably pretty annoying—was originally attached to Aaron Paul, before he realized he regretfully had more pressing obligations, bitch, potentially leaving FX’s The Americans to be the only TV series reminding us of the simple pleasures of the Cold War.


But it’s full steam ahead now with Walker, who plays a traveling American missionary (hence the title!) who gets caught up in international intrigue when he helps a young woman escape from 1960s East Berlin, presumably by engaging East Berlin in wholesome, face-to-face sexual intercourse for the purpose of procreation. “Nein, let us do it dachshund-style!” East Berlin will say, to which Benjamin Walker will refuse. And that’s how we won the Cold War.

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