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Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter finds its Lincoln

Having already rock ’n’ roll-ified 19th-century presidential history as the star of Broadway’s Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson, star Ben Walker is set to similarly rewrite the past as the star of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, the one Seth Grahame-Smith monster mash-up that might actually make it to theaters. The Timur Bekmambetov-directed, Tim Burton-produced, 3-D film retells the Civil War as a Lincoln-led quest to rid the world of vampires, which—like the totally bangin’ manifest destiny seen in Andrew Jackson—is certainly a much more fun version. (Perhaps next we could redo WWII-era Japanese internment camps as just the government’s effort to stage the best darn rendition of Gilbert And Sullivan’s The Mikado?)Anyway, congrats to Walker, condolences to Henry Pollard. [/obligatory Party Down reference]


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