Entertainment Weekly reports that Screen Gems is considering a remake of 1986’s About Last Night…, Edward Zwick’s sanitized adaptation of David Mamet’s Sexual Perversity In Chicago—a film that’s enjoyed a healthy afterlife on the Internet, thanks to its many topless scenes of a pre-augmented Demi Moore. For those whose only familiarity with the movie is through grainy screencaps, About Last Night… features Rob Lowe and Jim Belushi as two carousing, mullet-farming chums whose singles-bar lifestyle is threatened after Lowe and Moore’s one-night stand develops into a tenuous love affair full of steamy shower scenes and tender John Waite ballads, to the objection of both Belushi and Moore’s own skeptical friend (Elizabeth Perkins). Upon its release, it seemed like a fairly of-its-time navigation of new sexual mores regarding commitment and casual relationships and so on, but that's something we’re obviously still fairly hung up on: In fact, considering Hollywood seems to be intent on remaking that particular story over and over again lately, it almost seems inevitable that they’d get around to just rehashing the original. And this one can add text messages!

Having mentioned About Last Night…, mullets, and John Waite, of course, we'd be remiss not to include this.