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Abigail Spencer gets her gun in the first teaser for Hulu’s neon-noir series Reprisal

Abigail Spencer
Screenshot: Hulu

“All my life, people have been underestimating me. Being underestimated is the greatest advantage you can have over other people.”

Those who underestimate Rectify’s Abigail Spencer are fools, but such people have far less to fear than those who cross the character she’s playing in Hulu’s upcoming drama series Reprisal. The streamer calls it “hyper-noir,” and based on this new, lightning-fast trailer, it’s easy to see why. It’s a lot. But amidst the tommy guns, creepy masks, bustiers, wigs, motorcycles, cheery little dinging sounds, and the looming face of Ron Perlman, a story begins to emerge: There’s a woman, see (that’s Spencer), and her brother thought she was weak, see, so he chained her to the back of a pickup truck and dragged her through a field. Now she and her really excellent new blonde hair want revenge, and she seems to have a bit of knack.

In addition to Spencer and Perlman, the cast also includes Rodrigo Santoro (Westworld), Madison Davenport (Sharp Objects), Rhys Wakefield (True Detective), and Craig Tate (Snowfall). The complete first season of Reprisal storms and shimmies into into a Hulu queue near you on Friday, December 6.


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