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Abducted In Plain Sight is getting a podcast spin-off

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Abducted In Plain Sight is one of the most gut-churning documentaries of the past few years, its terrifying tale of an Idaho pre-teen’s grooming and abuse at the hands of a family friend raising a number of queasy questions about trust, guilt, and sexuality. If you’ve seen it, you probably have questions (a notebook filled with them, maybe), so you’ll be pleased to know answers are coming in a new podcast co-hosted by the film’s director, Skye Borgman.

Obsessed With: Abducted In Plain Sight, the first new show from podcaster Patrick Hinds’ Obsessed Network, will unpack the events of the film via new audio and and interviews with its subjects, including its subject, Jan Broberg.

Per Deadline:

In the podcast, Broberg addresses her father’s sexual encounter with her kidnapper, her father’s sexual orientation, and the world’s reaction to her parents after the release of the film. The podcast will also include audio recordings of the kidnapper’s audio journals that were recovered by the FBI [and] the kidnapper’s wife sharing her thoughts on her husband’s more virtuous qualities.


“After audiences around the globe were captivated by the original documentary, they still had many questions,” Skye Borgman said in a statement. “There are so many untold stories I wanted to share. Collaborating with Patrick on Obsessed With: Abducted in Plain Sight provides an opportunity to expand upon the documentary.

The four-episode series launches on all major podcast providers on March 2. Abducted In Plain Sight, meanwhile, is currently streaming on Netflix. Watch its trailer below.

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