Photo: Top Knot Films

Consider this post an endorsement as much as anything. Abducted In Plain Sight, a stunning, gut-churning documentary that blew up the festival circuit before landing on Netflix late last year, is a must-see chronicle of why we should never trust anyone, ever. The true story of an Idaho preteen who was groomed and sexually abused by a family friend as her parents stood idly by, too trusting to fully acknowledge the reality of the situation, is brimming with moments that will first make you scream, but then make you ponder how you would react in a similar situation, especially under these particular circumstances.

After watching it, you’re going to have some questions. Luckily, Vulture caught up with director Skye Borgman, who answers a whole slew of ‘em. We’re not going to get into it here, because just about everything is a spoiler, but the interview is an essential companion to the film, which raises tons of hard questions about trust, guilt, sexuality, and brainwashing that benefit from nuanced, contextual discussion.  


Watch a trailer for Abducted In Plain Sight below.