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ABC's efforts to relive the early '90s continues with Kirstie Alley-Rhea Perlman sitcom

As part of its mission to restore America to the relatively more prosperous era of the ’90s—heralded by its developing sitcoms starring Tim Allen and Roseanne Barr—ABC is preparing The Manzanis, a comedy that will reunite Cheers stars Kirstie Alley and Rhea Perlman and hopefully further convince the markets that we've traveled back in time, shhhh, it's the '90s, dot-com boom! etc. Having previously helped the country claw its way out of the 1990 recession with their industrious production of back-sass, Alley and Perlman will attempt to do the same for our struggling modern economy by starring as, respectively, an opinionated Italian-American mother who clashes with WASP-types in her New Jersey neighborhood, and her equally opinionated mother-in-law. Yes, in this show Perlman, who’s only three years older than Alley, will be asked to play her mother-in-law—a bit of cognitive dissonance that hopefully won’t be reflected in the Dow.


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