In an effort to revive interest in ABC’s flagging Wife Swap, the network is taking a cue from the UK edition and creating a Celebrity version, one that will find ostensibly famous people switching lives with other famous people in order to live in a wholly different type of bubble. So far just six episodes have been ordered, with ABC only tentatively exploring whether a “celebrity” edition of the show can have the same effect that The Celebrity Apprentice did for its flagship, though its success will depend solely on locating celebrities—even loosely defined—who are both actually married and willing to participate.

For some idea of the wide net they’re casting, the first name that’s been mentioned is Victoria Jackson, the former Saturday Night Live player turned over-the-top parody of Ann Coulter who most recently made headlines for saying that gays on Glee are totally gross and an insult to the institution of heterosexual marriage, which she might nevertheless consider making a mockery of for a week or so to be on the TV. Alas, the chances of Victoria Jackson bringing her ukulele and “Obama is the Antichrist” theories into the home of an unsuspecting liberal family is all but nil, as liberals don’t believe in families, because they are too busy fucking on intravenous drugs. But we’re sure she’ll find some nice soap opera star’s brood to make miserable for a little while.