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Like an artist asked to divide the human body into two unequal parts, ABC is drawing the line at nipples. The Disney-owned network has rejected the trailer for the Cate Blanchett-starring lesbian drama Carol, thanks to a nude scene between Blanchett and co-star Rooney Mara. The network has requested that The Weinstein Company submit a cut that “provides more coverage” for its two lead actresses if it wants its ads to run alongside wholesome family fare like Grey’s Anatomy or Scandal.


And while it’s a little surprising that the Weinsteins thought they could get away with some restrained, mid-20th century nudity in support of a movie that’s been widely recognized as containing two of the best performances of the last year, it’s possible they just looked around at the other trailers making the rounds at the moment—like, say, the one where Robert De Niro spurts lotion on a woman’s chest while cracking a premature ejaculation joke—and figured, “Hey, it’s worth a shot.”

[via Page Six]

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