Amid a difficult season for new comedies, ABC has rewarded two of its moderate successes, Trophy Wife and The Goldbergs, with back-nine orders. Trophy Wife continues to quietly coalesce into one of the stronger sitcom ensembles seen in a while, and definitely the strongest collection of weird little kids. The latter continues to burn through ’80s pop culture references at a pace that should have them making jokes about Haircut 100 and Edwin Meese by May, or hopefully downplaying them in favor of concentrating on character development, now that it can relax a little.

Meanwhile, the network also picked up four more episodes of Super Fun Night, banking on there being at least four more fat jokes the Rebel Wilson sitcom can make, and it more or less canceled Back In The Game, the show that answers the question, “Wait, James Caan has a sitcom?” with “Not anymore.” With Fox, CBS, and now ABC having issued verdicts on their new comedies, that leaves only NBC to decide whether it will salvage anything besides The Michael J. Fox Show when isn’t forced to by contractual obligation.  [via Entertainment Weekly]