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ABC teases a Marvel show about a "mostly" new female character, so let's guess what that means

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Screenshot: Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors

Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. is set to wrap up its run on ABC next year with its seventh season, but it sounds like the network isn’t ready to get out of the Marvel game just yet (god bless corporate synergy!). According to a mysterious report from Deadline, ABC Entertainment president Karey Burke says the network is developing another comic book show to fill Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s spot, with “one project in particular” catching the eyes of both ABC and Marvel executives. Burke wouldn’t give any real information, but she says the show will center on a female character who is “something brand new, mostly.”

We do know that this project is unrelated to the female-focused Marvel show that ABC canceled earlier this year (another thing we knew nothing about), but that’s pretty much all we’ve got. So, let’s try to make some lemonade with the lemons we do have by considering what the hell “brand new, mostly” could mean. Here are some options:

  • Is this is a new take on an existing character? Like She-Hulk, but now she’s a young law student who never talks to her cousin Bruce.
  • Is this a new character with some tie to an existing character? Like maybe it’s Phil Coulson’s previously unmentioned daughter?
  • Is this an existing character that is relatively new? Like Ironheart?
  • Is it a brand new character who is a blatant rip-off of an existing character? Like it’s just Daisy/Quake, but... again?
  • A fifth thing we can’t think of?
  • Some thing brand new, mostly, like a... computer generated person? Is S1m0ne a Marvel hero?
  • Or, if we can just throw a totally random idea out there, maybe it’s someone who likes to eat nuts and kick butts? Has anyone ever heard of such a thing?

Maybe we’ll know in the future, but if the last project is anything to go by, we might never even get any hints.

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