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ABC sends Downward Dog to go live on a farm upstate

(Photo: ABC/Craig Sjodin)

Despite the best efforts/threats of the show’s cast and producers, ABC has decided to send its freshman sitcom Downward Dog to a farm upstate, where it’ll be free to run, and play, and not be on the network’s schedule any more. Variety reports that the Allison Tolman sitcom—which co-stars Samm Hodges as the voice of her philosophical/deeply adorable dog, Martin—has been canceled.


Downward Dog was a hit with critics (including our own Danette Chavez), but doesn’t seem to have made much money for the network. Hodges (who also co-created the show, with Michael Killen) announced the news today, noting that ABC will air the show’s last two episodes next Tuesday, and that he and Killen are optimistic about shopping the series to other homes.

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