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ABC’s newest bundle of joy is a twins comedy from Happy Endings creator

This is Twins the movie

Happy Endings creator David Caspe has just helped to sell a new show to ABC that is, unfortunately, not just a reboot of his own show titled Shmappy Shmendings. According to Deadline, Caspe is executive producing a new comedy with Juliet Seniff (Funny Or Die, Upright Citizens Brigade) called Twinsters, which is about a pair of identical twins who are separated at birth. The twins are adopted by families on different continents, and “raised completely unaware of each other until they are reunited at age 29.”

This may sound an awful lot like the plot of Twins, which starred Danny DeVito and Arnold Schwarzenegger as the siblings whose family resemblance was a little difficult to discern at first. But it’s actually based on this 2015 documentary about Samantha Futerman and Anaïs Bordier, whose lives we just ran down for you in the sentences above.

Seniff, who’s also worked on Angie Tribeca, is writing the series, which is being described as “fresh twist on an odd couple show that explores and celebrates the complex meaning of family and forming your own identity.” (We still think that sounds like Twins.) There’s currently no word on casting or when production will start.


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