Last Man Standing

Slowly emerging from the fugue state it slipped into yesterday afternoon, when it snapped and took an axe to large swathes of its network lineup, ABC is apparently taking stock today of the bloody work its dark passenger hath wrought. “Where’s Agent Carter?” it mumbles to itself, oblivious to the blood on its hands. “Or Castle?” There’s no answer. “Jesus Christ, did I renew Dr. Ken?”

It did. (Also, The Real O’Neals.) But now, the former Nashville network is facing a quandary, because it turns out they don’t let you call yourself a TV network if you don’t have any TV left to show. And so, ABC has begun picking through the wreckage, looking for some scraps to pick up or revive. For example: Tim Allen’s Last Man Standing, which was just given a sixth season, and whose name now seems eerily prophetic.


ABC also issued a series pick-up to Speechless, a new family drama that stars Minnie Driver as a matriarch determined to help her special needs son “find his voice.” The series also stars John Ross Bowie and Reno 911’s Cedric Yarbrough, who should probably watch their backs, because you never can know when The Muppets Butcher will decide to strike again.

[via Variety]