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ABC reportedly considering Alias reboot

The talks are characterized as “very initial,” but according to E!’s Kristin Dos Santos, ABC may be considering a reboot of Alias, the Jennifer Garner-starring super-spy drama that went off the air all the way back in 2006. Sources have told Santos that the network is thinking of doing a new version that eschews the original’s mythology entirely, while retaining all its “sexy girl kicking things” aspects. It’s all part of ABC's plan to hold onto Lost audiences—just like Flash Forward was supposed to do, until it spun its wheels right into cancellation—by green-lighting another of J.J. Abrams' complex sci-fi stories, only without the sci-fi and not so complex, and most likely without J.J. Abrams, since he already has his own super-sexy super-spy series, Undercovers, getting all sexy and espionage-y over at NBC this fall.

So were this to actually happen, it would be an in-name-only imitation of the original Alias, more akin to something like The CW's Nikita or USA's Covert Affairs (with Piper Perabo!), which makes us wonder why they'd even bother, when it runs the risk of sullying the legacy of one of its own fondly remembered shows. But then we just get kind of sleepy, and decide we're going to stop trying to save ABC from itself. Do what you want, dudes.


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