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ABC renews its three big reality shows

Shark Tank (Photo: ABC)

Lest you think today’s glut of cancellations, renewals, and series pick-ups has caused ABC to lose track of those things that really matter—i.e., celebrity dancing, helicopter-based romance, and entrepreneurial success—the network also gave a bit of its renewal attention to its stable of reality shows tonight. Deadline reports that Dancing With The Stars, Shark Tank, and The Bachelor all received renewals today, meaning that all three long-running series will all be on-hand to welcome their new reality TV sibling American Idol when it arrives on the network later this year.

The cyclic, unending nature of these shows makes it slightly harder to track actual seasons, but DWTS has been on the air for 12 years, The Bachelor for 15, and Shark Tank for 8. Given that all three shows remain some of the network’s biggest performers, then, we’ll probably all be back here for this exact same Newswire some time next year.


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