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ABC quickly grabs a Supermarket Sweep revival with Leslie Jones off the shelf

Illustration for article titled ABC quickly grabs a iSupermarket Sweep /irevival with Leslie Jones off the shelf
Photo: Rich Polk (Getty Images for IMDb)

TV’s most entertaining commercial for Kellogg’s is coming back, with Deadline reporting that Leslie Jones is going to host a Supermarket Sweep revival for ABC. This has been in the works for a long time, with multiple networks and streamers all reportedly screaming down the aisles, grabbing as many boxes of Supermarket Sweep as they could in hopes of walking away with the big prize, but only ABC was able to make the deal happen. Deadline notes that ABC was the home of the original show in the ‘60s, and it’s also really hot on retro game shows these days (like Match Game and Celebrity Family Feud), so this does seem like an appropriate fit.


As for Jones, she said in a statement that she tried to get on a previous incarnation of Supermarket Sweep years ago, and so she decided to “take matters into [her] own hands” and just make a new version of the show herself. The show has received a 10-episode order from ABC, and it will start filming in the spring—just in case, say, you also dreamed of getting on the show someday and need to prepare.

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