Of Kings And Prophets

There’s blood on the sand at ABC this afternoon as Variety reports that the network has pulled its low-rated freshman drama Of Kings And Prophets from its schedule after airing just two episodes. (The A.V. Club’s Erik Adams watched three episodes for his pre-air review, and will have to take his knowledge of the third to his grave.) The Game Of Thrones-inspired biblical drama did even worse in the ratings than last fall’s short-lived Wicked City—which, perhaps not coincidentally, shared the same Tuesday 10 PM time slot—drawing a mere 3.3 million viewers for its first episode and 2.4 million for its second. The news isn’t terribly surprising, as a number of reviewers predicted its demise early on. Our own Erik Adams even said in his review:

And with fate set against it—production delays, a death trap of a time slot, and the favor of a network regime that was just deposed—it is instead cursed to roam the midseason desert, telling a story that’s unlikely to reach its final destination.