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Illustration for article titled ABC pulling emHappy Endings/em and emDont Trust The B---- In Apartment 23/em from Sundays, after that somehow didnt work out

In more bad news for two shows that don’t particularly need it, ABC has announced that it will pull all scheduled Sunday airings of Happy Endings and Don’t Trust The B—— In Apartment 23, bringing an end to the network’s valiant effort to build more viewers for the show by burning off their seasons in strange time slots with next to no promotion. Surprisingly, that strategy did not pay off with huge numbers of people who hadn’t checked out the shows on Tuesdays—Tuesday being the day they’re just so busy—yet felt compelled to give them a chance on Sunday, a night when there is nothing on television save for static shots of a smiling Jesus.


In fact, both slipped to series-low numbers (not even hitting a 1.0 rating in the 18 to 49 demo), while their regular Tuesday time slots continued to underperform. Removing them from Sundays now means fewer episodes are left to air before both comedies exit in March to make way for the Dancing With The Stars results show, and leaves their future at the network an open question that reporters posed to ABC’s Paul Lee at last week’s TCAs. “We love those two shows,” Lee replied, presumably while setting fire to their posters.

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