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ABC picks up two TV shows based on a dating blog and a female cop—for the ladies

ABC struck two bold blows for femininity today, snapping up both a blog-based sitcom about dating woes and another about a cop who is also a lady. The first, Dealbreaker, has nothing whatsoever to do with the 30 Rock-spawned fake talk show Dealbreakers (in fact, it seems to have debuted online a good five months before “Dealbreakers” was ever mentioned on the show), however its premise is essentially the same: It’s based on this here Tumblr blog of various reasons why you shouldn’t date a person, even though we all walk alone on this big, spinning ball hurtling through cold and lonely space, and who are you to judge? Dealbreaker should make a great companion piece to ABC’s recently adopted Awkward Family Photos show, in that they’re both essentially context-free assemblies of amusing images and one-joke punchlines that will somehow be spun into weekly, standard sitcom narratives, because why should CBS get to rehash all the Internet’s ideas?

Today ABC also picked up a one-hour drama about New York City’s first female police commissioner—which may piss off Jamie Foxx, who pitched a very similar idea called Miss Philly to TBS last May, but then, Jamie Foxx can’t have everything. And ladies, this show comes from Mark Gordon, best known for his other lady-centric programs like Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice, and Army Wives. It also boasts the incredibly generic title One Police Plaza, which further suggests we’ve all just given up. Lovemakin' Hospital. The Jerky Detective. My Roommate Has Sex But I Don't. Woman With Badge Or Whatever.


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