1979's Time After Time

In what’s starting to look like an effort to switch out its entire fall TV schedule in a single day, ABC has taken a break from canceling stuff for a minute to announce that it’s picking up a new series from Scream and Dawson’s Creek mastermind Kevin Williamson. Time After Time—based on Karl Alexander’s novel, and the 1979 Nicholas Meyer film—will see UnREAL’s Freddie Stroma step into the time-traveling boots of H.G. Wells (originally Malcolm McDowell) as he pursues Jack The Ripper into the modern day.

Revenge’s Josh Bowman is set to play The Ripper, who makes off with Wells’ time machine to modern day New York, for what we’re sure will be a lot of hilarious fish-out-of-temporal-water shenanigans. “A Subway sandwich? What a wonderful world, to have sandwiches the size of a subterranean train!” “iPhone? Are you daft, man, an eye can’t use the phone!” “Bae? As in Beowulf, the hero of mythic lore?” Etc., etc., etc., until whatever modern-day love interest Wells can rope into his quest ends up clawing out her own ears to make it finally stop.


[via Variety]