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Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed.
Illustration for article titled ABC picks up full seasons of emRevenge/em and emSuburgatory/em, sort-of picks up emHappy Endings/em

ABC has granted full-season orders to both Revenge and Suburgatory, promising much more gleeful backstabbing, sarcastic observations about the suburbs, and piercing Madeleine Stowe stares to come. Both shows have been solid ratings performers—and in Revenge’s case, certain logistic questions aside (like that seemingly immortal dog, what’s up with that?), it’s become one of the most addictive rich-people-doing-awful-things series of its kind since the heyday of Dallas and Dynasty, with a dash of The O.C. before it became completely ludicrous. The network also had promising news for perennially underappreciated comedy Happy Endings, which got an order for an additional six scripts as a reward for its encouraging uptick in ratings over the past few weeks. Noticeably left out of the announcement was any word on Charlie’s Angels, which will supposedly have its fate decided after tonight’s episode. That this is both the show’s day of reckoning and the day that photos of co-stars Minka Kelly and Rachael Taylor making out were released is surely not a coincidence.


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