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Dr. Ken

As suggested by his knack for hiding in vents and his ability to survive attacks of monkey knockout gas, it’s pretty difficult to get rid of Ken Jeong. Apparently ABC just figured that out, because it has now picked up Jeong’s Dr. Ken comedy series for a full season. That comes from Deadline, which also notes that it’s the first new comedy series of the fall to be picked up for a full season. (Take that, Truth Be Told.) This pickup comes as Dr. Ken has been doing pretty well on Friday nights, apparently holding on to literally all of the audience for it’s lead-in, Last Man Standing. That either means that a lot of people really like both shows, or Last Man Standing is sending out hypnotic commands that force all of its viewers to fall asleep so advertisers can sneak into their homes and rifle through their possessions. Deadline says Dr. Ken averages 6.6 million viewers, though, so it’s probably the first one—or maybe both, who knows.


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