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ABC orders two more seasons of Modern Family

The cast of Modern Family, in a photo whose premise no longer seems so far-fetched (Photo: ABC/Bob D’Amico)

Ensuring that Modern Family lives up to both of the words in its title, the single-camera sitcom has secured two more seasons on ABC and locked in deals with its six principal actors. That’ll make for a decade of teaching and re-teaching each other what it means to be a family, all told; next up: negotiating deals with the younger actors on the show, most of whom would be working on Modern Family into their early 20s.

Though the show’s days as an Emmy magnet are behind it, Modern Family remains ABC’s top-rated comedy, and TV’s second highest-rated comedy overall, after The Big Bang Theory—which, not coincidentally, received its own two-season pickup this year.


[via Variety]

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