Screenshot of Jimmy Kimmel Live!

The real problem with celebrity meet-and-greets is that they’re just not selective enough: Anyone with the disposable income to pay for the opportunity to stand next to their favorite Game Of Thrones actor or Transformer (Bumblebee) is allowed to do so, regardless of their level of feverish devotion. But ABC is looking to remedy that situation and introduce some much needed exclusivity into the world of celebrity, as Variety reports that the network has just ordered a celeb-based game show from Jimmy Kimmel that will feature obsessive fans competing for a chance to creep out their favorite stars up close.

The forthcoming game show is called Big Fan (first name, “I’m-a”), and was inspired by Kimmel’s “Who Knows…?” segment from his late-night talk show, which wonders with nary a hint of irony just how well famous people know themselves. Big Fan will pit three non-celeb contestants against each other to establish who’s done the closer reading of the famous person’s social media accounts or combed through their garbage to glean what the answers to their security questions would be. Whoever advances to the final round will then go head to head with the celebrity they worship, in an attempt to win “a priceless experience” with that person (aside from “appear on a game show with them,” we suppose).


As the newly announced host of Big Fan, Andy Richter will oversee all of the phishing-scam-as-game-show activities. “This show is a lot of fun. Andy Richter is a great host, and I can’t think of a better way to terrify celebrities,” Kimmel said, presumably while setting up his own LifeLock account.