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ABC officially picks up Roseanne spin-off The Conners

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After a few weeks of trying to work out deals, ABC has finally ordered 10 episodes of a new Roseanne spin-off that won’t have Roseanne Barr in it. Tentatively titled The Conners, Deadline says the show will premiere in the fall and that it will take over the time slot previously held by the Roseanne reboot last season. That show had already been picked up for another season, but ABC quickly canceled its plans for Roseanne after Barr made a racist comment on Twitter. Deadline says Barr will have “no financial or creative involvement” in this new series, meaning you can watch it guilt-free, but The Hollywood Reporter’s sources say that Barr will retain the rights to all of the characters. That means she can use the Roseanne family however she wants for future spin-offs or reboots, so this is ABC’s one and only shot to continue using these characters without any involvement from Barr.


The cast has all signed new one-year contracts that keep them at the same salaries as before, and it sounds like most of the crew from Roseanne is sticking around as well (Deadline says some of the writers even got raises). Roseanne herself will be written out of the show by “a sudden turn of events,” but that’s all we know about that.

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