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ABC now allows you to stream My So-Called Life, Sports Night, and Felicity

My So-Called Life

ABC announced today that it’s revamped its streaming service, giving you the ability to watch the likes of My So-Called Life, Felicity, and Sports Night for free. You’ll also be able to give Manhattan Love Story and Mixology a second look, should you be so inclined (but why would you?). All of these dearly and not-so-dearly departed shows are among the 38 “throwback” series the network is making available on its website and apps. Dinosaurs, Trophy Wife, Ugly Betty, and Brothers & Sisters are also streaming.

ABC is also using the platform to debut original content under the moniker ABCd. The seven short-form comedy and lifestyle series, i.e., webseries, feature the likes of Michelle Collins, Ty Burrell, and Iliza Schlesinger. Per a press release, there are upwards of 40 more of these in development. But why watch something new when you can just watch Angela Chase on?


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