ABC has found its replacement for recently resigned ABC News head David Westin, picking former Good Morning America executive producer Ben Sherwood—perhaps best known as the guy behind the recent glurge-fest Charlie St. Cloud. For those unfamiliar with Sherwood, over the summer The Awl had a comprehensive overview of all the reasons that people hate him, following the “child of privilege deeply disliked by his classmates” who earned the enmity of his entire Harvard class for his relentless résumé-building and “cynical social-climbing,” then moved on to exploiting his family connections to land jobs at the Los Angeles Times and CBS (“where he added Walter Cronkite and Dan Rather to his résumé as references”), and finally ended up writing novels about how life is just a game of catch with your dead ghost bro that became Zac Efron movies. Anyway, looks like Ben Sherwood finally caught a break.