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ABC nearly cut Real O’Neals episode order thanks to Noah Galvin’s big mouth

The Real O'Neals

Too bad they already cast the young Han Solo, because one young actor has emerged as the true heir to Harrison Ford’s impassive throne: The Real O’Neals star Noah Galvin. In recent weeks, Galvin has proven that, even at the young age of 22, his fuck balance is hopelessly overdrawn, saying in an interview with Vulture that he considers Modern Family’s Eric Stonestreet to be “a caricature … of a stereotype” of a gay man. In that same interview, Galvin called Arrow actor Colton Haynes’ covert coming out over Tumblr “fucking pussy bullshit,” just in case you thought that maybe he found a couple of spare fucks in his coat pocket and maybe he could give you one.

Well, now those comments have come back to bite Galvin, as The Hollywood Reporter says that ABC is threatening to cut The Real O’Neals’ season two series order unless Galvin can scrape a couple of fucks together and play nice with the media. Supposedly, this wasn’t the first time Galvin has clashed with ABC executives, who THR says have given him stern talking-tos about “ego and entitlement” in the past. (Must be rich hearing that from TV executives, but whatever.)


Perhaps that’s why Galvin apologized for his comments last week, writing on Twitter:

In the end, The Real O’Neals did get a second season renewal. But whether Galvin’s newfound penitence sticks remains to be seen. And if that doesn’t work out, we hear the role of James Bond—a refuge for actors who just don’t give a fuck—might be opening up soon.

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