Following a rocky season in which ABC’s Happy Endings seemed perpetually on the verge of cancellation—having its time slot changed twice, enduring that strange Sunday night experiment, watching its former partner Don’t Trust The B—— In Apartment 23 get felled—the network has rewarded the show’s patience by moving it to Friday, the best night of the week. “After such a rough year, we thought we’d let Happy Endings chill on Fridays now—you know, kick off the weekend and relax with a cold one,” an ABC executive probably said of this latest scheduling change, which begins March 29. “TGIF, right dudes?” Of course, some cynical types might see this as just the latest, most ominous sign that Happy Endings’ days are numbered, given that Friday isn’t exactly a big night for television, and shows are historically banished there to die. These cranks might also see it as added insult to injury that the show is disappearing as of February 26 to make room for the new season of, of all things, Celebrity Wife Swap. But come on, now. That’s weekday thinking. Get into the Friday night vibe.