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ABC might give Revenge a spinoff


Back in April, ABC canceled Revenge, the Emily VanCamp-starring drama series that was half primetime soap and half Batman show. (Basically.) Though Revenge managed to wrap up all of its storylines before the finale—and, to be fair, had already wrapped up a lot of them a few years ago—ABC is apparently still interested in the show’s universe. According to Deadline, ABC president Paul Lee referred to the show as a “critical brand” for the network, and though it passed on an “unofficial spinoff” called The Kingmakers last season, Lee says that “doesn’t preclude” ABC from “doing it again.”

The premise of the show is really straightforward—girl’s father got betrayed by people, she comes back years later and ruins their lives from the shadows—and it could easily be reworked to fit into all sorts of different setups. Deadline suggests that ABC should make a spinoff starring Nolan Ross, the Alfred/Robin/deus ex machina hacker who was played by Gabriel Mann, but based on Lee’s comments, a hypothetical Revenge spinoff could even be more tangentially related to the original than that. Still, this is all just talk, so nothing—as far as we know—is in the works.


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