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ABC may be reconsidering that Whiskey Cavalier cancellation

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In February, AV Club TV Editor Erik Adams somewhat presciently opined, Whiskey Cavalier is doomed, and that sucks.” He called it a “spy romp” that had “a lot of personality for a show with that name.” Despite the show’s fun chemistry between leads Scott Foley (playing an FBI operative with that WC codename) and Lauren Cohan (CIA operative “Fiery Tribune”), actual glamorous location shoots, and debuting with a post-Oscars lead-off, Whiskey Cavalier suffered in the ratings. The show’s lack of success could have something to do with its woefully vague name, which is so terrible that is near-impossible for the casual viewer to tell what the show is about. So Whiskey Cavalier joined other casualties from ABC’s 2018-19 season, like For The People, The Fix, The Kids Are Alright, Splitting Up Together, and Speechless.

But fans of will-they/won’t-they spy couples might be getting a reprieve. After some recent ratings boosts and a slow-growing but fervent word-of-mouth fan base, The Hollywood Reporter notes that the “action dramedy” may actually get a second season at the network. THR points out the network has only picked up six new series for next season so far, leaving plenty of room available in its schedule. Plus, those Whiskey Cavalier location shoots must have been pricey, so perhaps ABC wants a chance to recoup its losses. The series also features many network veterans, like Foley (Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal), Ana Ortiz (Ugly Betty) and Josh Hopkins (Quantico, Cougar Town).

Such a move would still be surprising, says THR, as it is rare to see the same network reverse its decision” so quickly; ABC says it will make its decision by the end of the week. As Whiskey Cavalier has only run for a half-season, maybe it’s not too late for a rebrand if the series is resurrected, with a title that more clearly reflects what’s actually going on in the show. Spies In The House Of Love? Spy Vs. Spy? The Spies Who Loved Each Other?

Update, 5/24/19 5:50 PM EST - Well, it looks like any potential to save Whiskey Cavalier from certain death is already extinguished. Executive Producer David Hemingson tweeted the official cancellation notice after a brief review by the network. Oh well. We knew victories like this were rare, yet we dared to dream.


Gwen Ihnat is the Editorial Coordinator for The A.V. Club.

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