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ABC loves retro game shows, renews Match Game, Pyramid, and Celebrity Family Feud

(Photo: ABC Press)

There’s apparently no end to the public’s love for retro game shows and celebrity hosts, or at least no end to the public’s love for nostalgic reminders of when things weren’t quite as dumb and bad as they are now, so ABC has decided to renew The $100,000 Pyramid, Celebrity Family Feud, and Match Game for new seasons. This will be the third season for both Match Game and Pyramid, and the fourth for Celebrity Family Feud.

On top of the renewals, the hosts of all three shows are sticking around as well. That means Michael Strahan will still host Pyramid, Steve Harvey will still host Feud, and Alec Baldwin will be the host Match Game—which he’ll have to make time for in between his many TV gigs on NBC.


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