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ABC loses Black Box

ABC has officially canceled freshman series Black Box, subjecting the show to the same fate as Lucky 7, Betrayal, Killer Women, Mind Games, and Once Upon A Time In Wonderland, an unlucky slate the network may one day chalk up to a manic episode. The casts and crews of Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Resurrection likely issued another sigh of relief at the news, secure once more in the knowledge that neither series is the one where Kelly Reilly is a brilliant neurologist but also has bipolar disorder so that it’s a TV show. Fortunately, the cancellation does not apply to animated GIFs from Black Box, so you’ll be able to watch Reilly do whatever this is long after ABC itself has is canceled and replaced by a 24-hour feed from Paul Lee’s secret fortress on an island shaped like a skull.


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