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ABC is making Greg Berlanti’s FBI-magician show

Imagine this guy, but with a badge and gun. (Photo: Lars Ronbog/Getty Images)

Deadline reports that ABC has issued a first-season pickup order for Greg Berlanti’s “What if an FBI agent was also a magician?” series, Deception. Jack Cutmore-Scott stars in the show as a stage magician whose career is ruined by scandal, and thus turns to the only place where a disgraced master prestidigitator can truly employ their talents: The Federal Bureau Of Investigation. (To be fair, they apparently have some openings at the moment.)

Deception—developed by Chuck’s Chris Fedak—is Berlanti’s second new series this season; The CW also picked up his latest superhero series, Black Lightning. Meanwhile, the network also ordered a season of Jenna Fischer and Oliver Hudson’s family comedy Splitting Up Together, about a couple who find their relationship reignited only after they get divorced.


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