Sometimes, a TV show comes along that seems so brilliant and revolutionary that it’s simultaneously hard to believe it hasn’t happened already and surprising that anyone was ever clever enough to think of it in the first place. Now, according to Deadline, ABC may have found such a show. Tentatively titled High Profile, the series will focus on Shauna McDaniel, a woman who investigates high-profile crimes while working for—get this—the FBI. You read that right. This is going to be a TV show about someone who works for the FBI investigating crazy crimes that nobody else can solve. Brilliant, right?

Joking aside, the fact that the protagonist is a woman—instead of another stand-in for Sherlock Holmes—is actually a good sign, as is the fact that Deadline says she has to juggle a relationship with her ex-husband (“who might be the love of her live”) and a girlfriend “who seems to accept that Shauna might be too damaged for love.” A girlfriend and an ex-husband! So the premise is literally the same as every other show on TV, but at least the main character isn’t a brilliant-but-dickish white guy.


High Profile comes from Law & Order: SVU writer Gwendolyn Parker, and it’s being executive produced by Smurfs producer Jordan Kerner. ABC hasn’t picked up the series as a pilot yet, but at least we’re finally getting close to seeing what kind of amazing TV comes out of a combination between SVU and The Smurfs.