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ABC is expanding a recurring bit on The Ellen DeGeneres Show into a new primetime hidden camera prank show. Repeat After Me will star The Goldbergs’ Wendi McLendon-Covey, who will feed ridiculous instructions to celebrities like Taye Diggs and Harry Connick Jr. as they interact with members of the regular public. DeGeneres will executive produce this massive social experiment designed to destroy the fragile peace between celebrities and the rest of us, as in this clip where Ellen Pompeo from Gray’s Anatomy is used as a pawn in Wendi McLendon-Covey’s sick psychosexual game:

Is Taye Diggs really happy to see you? He’s smiling like he isthat big, beautiful smile you fell in love with on movie and TV screens. But are his sudden declarations of love real? Or is it McLendon-Covey, the unseen puppetmaster, pulling on the strings of your heart? Or perhaps you’re being chased down a corridor by an axe-wielding Donald Faison. Has the Scrubs star gone mad? Or is he a helpless automaton, dancing to McLendon-Covey’s diabolical whims? That look in your wife’s eyes…is it love? Or McLendon-Covey? Repeat After Me is set to start eroding the very concept of trust between two human beings on Feb. 17.


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