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In a clear attempt to capitalize on the creative and commercial success of sister network Disney Channel’s Dog With A Blogand to out-crazy NBC’s funeral-home musical soap opera—ABC has ordered a new single-camera sitcom that includes a talking dog. Downward Dog is based on a web series by Samm Hodges and Michael Killen and follows a woman and her dog, with confessional-style voiceovers by the dog bracketing each scene. “Maybe we don’t need to worry about fleas. Maybe we need to worry about flee-ing… what’s in our hearts.” That sort of thing. Probably.


According to The Hollywood Reporter, the series has been given a “hefty pilot-production order,” and has been getting rave early reviews from industry insiders. Producer Jimmy Miller said, “Very rarely have I ever seen something so well-conceived, and then well-executed. Michael and Samm have imagined a perfect blend of comedy, observation, and heart.” And talking dogs.

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