As reported by Deadline, ABC has given a pilot commitment to a new series from Neighbors and Galavant creator Dan Fogelman. Set in the jumpin’ and dribblin’ world of the National Basketball Association, the series will focus on a hotshot NBA player who doesn’t speak English and “a translator who doesn’t speak basketball.” Fogelman is quoted as saying “it’s basically the international Odd Couple set in the NBA,” though we’d argue that it sounds more like Perfect Strangers set in the NBA, but whatever. Also, as indicated by the number of times we’ve said “NBA” in this paragraph, the series is being made with its full support, which means ABC and Fogelman will be able to use real players and team names.

The yet-untitled series—we’d suggest Basketball Buddies, but that’s a bit too on-the-nose—is being written and executive produced by Trophy Wife vets Casey Johnson and David Windsor. Fogelman says that, with the two of them on board, Shootin’ Hoops—is that better?—“will become a show for everyone.” The only thing left, he says, is to “find a 7-foot foreigner who can deliver a joke.” Presumably, that sounded better in his head.