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ABC is bringing back Pyramid, again

The $20,000 Pyramid

The good thing about game shows is that the best ones never really go out of style. Sure, not every episode of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? is a big cultural event anymore, but that has more to do with viewer fatigue than an actual flaw in the game. Another show that has never really gone out of style is Pyramid, which is been resurrected several times since its premiere in 1973. That either means it’s a great game show, or that TV networks are bad at coming up with original ideas.

Now, according to Variety, Pyramid is once again coming back to TV. This time, the game will be going back to its classic $100,000 Pyramid name instead of the edgier version. The Pyramid, used on GSN in 2012. This incarnation will air on ABC and will be hosted by Michael Strahan, former football player and current Live! With Kelly And Michael co-host who has never said no to ABC ever. The format will follow the same structure as previous versions, with a celebrity teaming up with a normal person to try to guess words that are divided up into funny-ish categories, and it will premiere on ABC for a 10-episode season this summer.


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