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ABC grabs comedy pilot from Ellen and Selfie creator Emily Kapnek

Selfie (Image: ABC)

ABC has added a few new family comedy pilots to its slate for the upcoming year. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the network has snagged pilots for a new series from Ellen DeGeneres and Selfie creator Emily Kapnek, as well as one from American Housewife producer Sam Sklaver.

Kapnek’s Splitting Up Together will focus on a married couple who find their passion for each other reignited by their own divorce. The series represents Kapnek’s third try with ABC in the last few years; her sitcom Suburgatory was on the network from 2011 to 2014, while Selfie lasted for a single season in 2014. (DeGeneres, meanwhile, will serve as an executive producer on the show.) Sklaver’s new project, on the other hand, represents ABC’s latest attempt to get a curse word in a show’s title without actually saying it. (See also: Don’t Trust The B____ In Apartment 23.) The American Housewife producer has sold ABC on Charlie Foxtrot (military slang for “clusterfuck”), about a military officer forced to look after his brother’s family while he’s stationed in Iraq.


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