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ABC gives Cristela a full season

Illustration for article titled ABC gives iCristela/i a full season

According to The Hollywood Reporter, ABC has given Cristela Alonzo’s multi-cam sitcom Cristela a full-season order. The show’s first season will now last for an additional nine episodes, and it has the honor of joining smash-hits How To Get Away With Murder and Black-ishas well as DVR hit Foreverin the network’s parade of pick-ups. Ratings-wise, THR says Cristela has been getting “respectable” numbers by doing better than its lead-in (Last Man Standing) and its competition on CBS (Hawaii Five-0). The series focuses on Alonzo’s character—conveniently named Cristela—as she tries to juggle a budding law career and her working-class Mexican-American family. It also stars Sam McMurray, Andrew Leeds, Terri Hoyos, and Carlos Ponce, and our own Erik Adams once called it “the little sitcom that could (and can).” Apparently he was right. Well, a full season right, at least. None of these shows have been picked up for second seasons yet, but ABC must be confident in all of them, so their odds seem to be pretty good for now.


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