The Shining

As reported by Deadline, ABC Family has picked up the pilot for Stay, an “edge-of-your-seat thriller” that’s being directed by National Treasure’s Jon Turteltaub. The plot reportedly follows “a recently widowed police detective” who—for some reason—visits “a foreboding hotel” with his two daughters. Apparently they should’ve been more wary of its foreboding-ness, though, because Detective Widowed and his daughters then get trapped in the hotel, and they’re forced to Stay in it until they can “unravel [its] mysteries.” Deadline calls it a “thriller drama” and not some kind of horror story that takes place in a hotel, so whatever traps this family is presumably not supernatural. This will be an ABC Family show, though, so there’s a good chance the hotel will be teen-friendly and have a solid underlying message about acceptance and/or not murdering your friends.

The script for Stay was written by Spenser Cohen—and assuming that’s the same Spenser Cohen from this IMDb page—he also wrote something called Macklemore’s Big Surprise. As you may recall, that was the thing in which Macklemore had a big surprise.