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ABC Family celebrates name change by giving series order to not-Amanda Knox show

In January, the TV network we used to know and love as CBN Cable Network, then The CBN Family Channel, then The Family Channel, then the Fox Family Channel, then ABC Family, then just Family Family, and then back to ABC Family will change its name for the last time, finally settling on Freeform as the real, official name that won’t be changed again for at least a decade or so. To celebrate this upcoming rebranding, ABC Family—err, Freeform has given a series order to Guilt, the not-at-all Amanda Knox-inspired TV show about a young American woman who is suspected of murdering her roommate while living in Europe.

Freeform picked up the show as a pilot back in June, though the network was still called ABC Family at the time. The big hook for Guilt will apparently be the way it will force viewers to constantly question whether or not they think not-Amanda Knox really killed her friend, but that doesn’t sound like the sort of mystery that can be dragged out for multiple seasons. That’s the beauty of Freeform, though. It doesn’t need to be tied down by plots or connections to real-life murders, it can move and grow however it wants. Hashtag Freeform.


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