Just yesterday, we were talking about how ABC Family loves to brag about its shows during commercial breaks. “This one is about teenage girls with a secret and this one has Melissa Joan Hart and Joey Lawrence,” the network excitedly shouts as it gestures toward its lineup. Unfortunately, for some shows to live, other shows must die. That means you can’t have a Pretty Little Liars without sacrificing a Bunheads, and you can’t have a Melissa And Joey without giving up a less popular show in return.

As reported by The Wrap, teen murderer drama Twisted has been selected to fall on its sword for the greater good of ABC Family. The show premiered back in March of last year to pretty good ratings, but they’ve been in decline since then, so the network decided not to give the show a second season. Twisted was about a teenager who spent five years in a juvenile detention facility for killing his aunt, and then he’s accused of a second murder after returning to his hometown. Also, this being a show aimed at teenagers, there was a love triangle involved somewhere. None of that matters now, though, because the show has been cancelled. It will now be joining Bunheads in the great ABC Family commercial break in the sky.