Dogged in its determination to give the world the Charlie’s Angels reboot it cries out for in its sleep, ABC has tapped recently liberated Smallville creators Miles Millar and Al Gough to take another crack at updating the sexy super-spy show, which has gone through so many not-so-subtle rip-offs and aborted remake attempts over the years, it feels like we’ve already seen and snarkily dismissed it, doesn’t it? Initially, the network had planned to have a pilot ready to order by next season, setting the project up last November with Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles creator Josh Friedman at the helm. However, Friedman’s (reportedly) tonally darker, totally reinvented version apparently didn’t have that hollow rehash zing they were looking for, so ABC has now turned to Millar and Gough—who recently signed a two-year overall deal with Sony TV—to give it a go, with an eye on presenting a pilot during the less competitive off-cycle. Original Charlie’s Angels producer Leonard Goldberg is still serving as executive producer, as is Drew Barrymore, whose own Charlie’s Angels updates were so much fun, you guys, that we need at least one more.