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ABC developing show about aliens who target children

ABC is looking to expand its alien-centric television lineup beyond the science-fiction sitcom The Neighbors. The Hollywood Reporter says the network has commissioned a pilot script for an untitled drama “about a group of aliens out to destroy Earth"—but in a different way than V, since this time the aliens are “out to destroy the world by using Earth’s most precious resource: children.” There’s no indication of why children are such a precious resource, though perhaps it’s because their hands are small enough to complete repair work on alien ships, or maybe the alien race covets children like jewels.

The script hails from Soo Hugh, one of the writers on CBS' Under The Dome, and who also has ample paranormal conspiracy television experience from working on The River and Zero Hour. Presumably it will feature some midlevel government official shouting, “Think of the children!” before suggesting placing them all under some sort of protective domed structure.


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