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ABC developing police procedural set in the strange, fantastical world of New York

Neither Once Upon A Time nor Grimm has officially debuted yet, but ABC is still confident that the future of the TV drama is the supernatural police procedural, the network’s executives brainstorming new ways to mash-up typical cops-and-robbers fare with fairy-tale elements like some destitute kid whose only playthings are an old C.O.P.S. action figure and a Rainbow Brite doll. Its latest hails from Kings creator Michael Green, who will explore a similar alternate universe in an as-yet-untitled drama about a female police officer who fights crime in the strange, magical world of New York. While this is already quite unusual—as New York is a city of industry and brotherhood, full of hard-working neighbors who look out for each other, and there are simply too many good restaurants to enjoy to even consider committing a crime—Green will go even further and create a secret, hidden world of magic that exists within New York. His lady cop will discover it, and no doubt it will start off seeming really cool and exciting, but then quickly turn lame as soon as everyone finds out about it.


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