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ABC developing Fresh Off The Boat spin-off about a completely new family

Illustration for article titled ABC developing iFresh Off The Boat /ispin-off about a completely new family
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According to The Hollywood Reporter, ABC is in “early development” on a spin-off of its hit sitcom Fresh Off The Boat, but there’s a weird wrinkle: Unlike with the two Black-ish spin-offs (Freeform’s Grown-ish and the upcoming Mixed-ish on ABC), this one won’t be dedicated to a single character from the original show breaking out on their own. Instead, THR says it will be about an “entirely new cast and central family,” which makes us wonder what will make it a spin-off and not a… completely unrelated TV show about some other family. The most obvious option is that this new family will be introduced at some point later on in an episode of Fresh Off The Boat, so keep an eye out for an upcoming episode where Randall Park keeps talking about some cool new family he just met.

THR says longtime Fresh Off The Boat writer Rachna Fruchbom will be putting together a script and executive producing, but that’s all we really know. ABC Entertainment boss Karey Burke had some high-minded things to say about “disruptive ideas” and the “brand-defining shows of ABC,” but that’s not really worth much. Of course the executive is going to have exciting things to say about disruptive ideas. That’s what executives do.

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